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"When Anorexics Grow Up" —
The New York Times 

In this personal essay, I explore the root causes of my eating disorder and the reality of reaching midlife and navigating the middle place between anorexia and recovery. 


Selected as one of The New York Times' Tiny Love Stories -- Modern Love in miniature.

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"Anorexia Nostalgia" —
Huffington Post 

A brutally honest account of what it's like to pine for the days when you were sick. Sometimes you want a do-over to reclaim that part of your life — and other times you miss the feeling of purpose it gave you. 


An honest and humorous examination of what it's like to maintain intimacy when you have small children.


An essay about the beautiful relationship I developed with my body after finding empowerment through boxing. 


In this funny and relatable essay and experiment, I document what happens when I stop helicopter parenting and spend one week parenting my small children like it's the 1970s — Hamburger Helper and all! 

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